Visit the region

We are situated right in the heart of the natural reserve of the loop of Norman Seine territory riche in history, given rythm by the meanders of the river.
This magnificient landscape of trays and valleys offers you the possibility of making hikes, in bike or by horse throught marked out path.
During your walks, you will perceive luxurius Norman manor houses, castles, dovecotes, olds washhouses restored as well as churches.

All around the house of numerous hikes will be proposed to you, then GR 23 crossing in 50 m from the  guest houses.
circuit of coasts (ribs)

  Circuit of coast
  Circuit around the castle of Mauny
  Buckles of Jumièges
  Circuit towardla Bouille

These circuits can be made on foot or has bike, all the inforamtion concerning these last ones will be put back (handed) t o you on inquiry as as a IGN map.


  Hikes horses 
  Golf   (12 km)
  Canoé Kayak  (12 km)
            "Acrobranche" at 5 km
  potholing ( 5 km)
  Paint ball ( 18 km)
  Tennis (1 km) 

To taste
        Region of good taste and local products, the region is rich in local products from the knowledge and old traditions.
On site, list of local producers and markets.